Doctoral Program

August 1, 2022, Haifa, Israel (physical meeting)

The Doctoral Program (DP) of the CP conference is open to all research students (including past participants) conducting research on constraint programming and related topics. The aim is to gather student researchers, discuss ongoing work in a relaxed atmosphere, and provide an opportunity for students to interact with experienced researchers.

The program is a full-day event. It includes short presentations of student papers, discussion with senior researchers and networking activities for researchers in similar areas. The day closes with a dinner.

Invited Talks

Two researchers will reflect on their time in academia and industry.

Nina Narodytska

Senior researcher at VMWare, Palo Alto, USA
Title: TBD

Talk reflecting the challenges of doing research outside academia

Simon de Givry

Permanent researcher at INRAE MIAT, Toulouse, France
Title: TBD

Talk reflecting the challenges of doing interdisciplinary research



Other Information

Questions about the doctoral program may be addressed to the Doctoral Program Chair Hélène Verhaeghe (