Registration to CP 2022: FAQ

Dear community members,
This year CP is taking place as part of the Federated of Logic Conference (FLoC 2022). As such, the conference registration process may appear quite different from previous editions. Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. Please feel free to contact the chairs with additional questions, should you not find an answer below.


  • Who needs to pay the banquet fee?

    The fee applies to anyone who wants to attend the banquet, regardless of their registration category.

  • Who needs to pay the workshop day fee?

    The workshop day fee applies to anyone who wants to attend a workshop. Note that the workshop fee gives you access to a ONE day workshop event only. Attendees who would like to participate to two workshop days are required to pay the fee TWICE.

  • I am supposed to pay the workshop dinner fee if I have registered to a workshop day?

    The workshop day fee applies to anyone who wants to attend the workshop dinner, regardless of their registration category.

  • Are lunches included in the registration fees?

    Lunch is included in the conference fee (for all the days you have registered for). Guests who are not registered to the conference need to pay an extra cost (see option in the registration prompt).

  • Note about August 6 and 7.

    If you plan to stay in Israel for the weekend after the conference, please note that there is a jewish fasting day, starting on Saturday evening, August 6th, and ending Sunday evening, August 7th. On that day theaters and some of the restaurants may be closed. Please be aware.

  • Is author registration mandatory?

    The FLOC policy requires that each paper published at a conference (or workshop) will have at least one author register for the conference (or workshop, resp.). We ask conference/workshop chairs to enforce this policy and check that each paper has at least one author registered. Papers without a registered author will be removed from the proceedings (automatically via EasyChair). Note that early registration ends Monday, June 20th (anywhere on earth).