Accepted Papers

The CP 2022 proceedings is accessible here.

  • A Portfolio-Based Approach to Select Efficient Variable Ordering Heuristics for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    Hongbo Li, Yaling Wu, Minghao Yin and Zhanshan Li
  • Nucleus-Satellites Systems of OMDDs for Reducing the Size of Compiled Forms
    Helene Fargier, Jérôme Mengin and Nicolas Schmidt
  • Solving the Constrained Single-Row Facility Layout Problem with Decision Diagrams
    Vianney Coppé, Xavier Gillard and Pierre Schaus
  • Selecting SAT Encodings for Pseudo-Boolean and Linear Integer Constraints
    Felix Ulrich-Oltean, Peter Nightingale and James Alfred Walker
  • A Constraint Programming Approach to Ship Refit Project Scheduling
    Raphaël Boudreault, Vanessa Simard, Daniel Lafond and Claude-Guy Quimper
  • Exploiting Functional Constraints in Generating Dominance Breaking Nogoods for Constraint Optimization
    Jimmy H. M. Lee and Allen Z. Zhong
  • Explaining Propagation for Gini and Spread with Variable Mean
    Alexander Ek, Andreas Schutt, Peter J. Stuckey and Guido Tack
  • Isomorphisms between STRIPS problems and sub-problems
    Martin Cooper, Arnaud Lequen and Frédéric Maris
  • On Quantitative Testing of Uniform Samplers
    Mate Soos, Priyanka Golia, Sourav Chakraborty and Kuldeep S. Meel
  • DUELMIPs: Jointly Optimizing Software Defined Network Functionality and Security
    Timothy Curry, Gabe DePace, Benjamin Fuller, Laurent Michel and Yan Sun
  • An Auditable Constraint Programming Solver
    Stephan Gocht, Ciaran McCreesh and Jakob Nordström
  • Heuristics for MDD Propagation in Haddock
    Rebecca Gentzel, Laurent Michel and Willem-Jan Van Hoeve
  • Understanding how people approach constraint modelling and solving
    Ruth Hoffmann, Xu Zhu, Özgür Akgün and Miguel Nacenta
  • Computing relaxations for the three-dimensional stable matching problem with cyclic preferences
    Ágnes Cseh, Guillaume Escamocher and Luis Quesada
  • Peel-and-Bound: Generating Stronger Relaxed Bounds with Multivalued Decision Diagrams
    Isaac Rudich, Quentin Cappart and Louis-Martin Rousseau
  • Completeness Matters: Towards Efficient Caching in Tree-based Synchronous Backtracking Search for DCOPs
    Jie Wang, Dingding Chen, Ziyu Chen, Xiangshuang Liu and Junsong Gao
  • Modeling and Solving Parallel Machine Scheduling with Contamination Constraints in the Agricultural Industry
    Felix Winter, Sebastian Meiswinkel, Nysret Musliu and Daniel Walkiewicz
  • CNF Encodings of Binary Constraint Trees
    Ruiwei Wang and Roland Yap
  • From Cliques to Colorings and Back Again
    Marijn Heule, Anthony Karahalios and Willem-Jan van Hoeve
  • From Crossing-Free Resolution to Max-SAT Resolution
    Mohamed Sami Cherif, Djamal Habet and Matthieu Py
  • Combining Reinforcement Learning and Constraint Programming for Sequence-Generation Tasks with Hard Constraints
    Daphné Lafleur, Sarath Chandar and Gilles Pesant
  • Acquiring Maps of Interrelated Conjectures on Sharp Bounds
    Nicolas Beldiceanu, Jovial Cheukam-Ngouonou, Rémi Douence, Ramiz Gindullin and Claude-Guy Quimper
  • Plotting: A Planning Problem With Complex Transitions
    Joan Espasa Arxer, Ian Miguel and Mateu Villaret
  • Learning MAX-SAT Models from Examples using Genetic Algorithms and Knowledge Compilation
    Senne Berden, Mohit Kumar, Samuel Kolb and Tias Guns
  • CSP Beyond Tractable Constraint Languages
    Jan Dreier, Sebastian Ordyniak and Stefan Szeider
  • A framework for generating informative benchmark instances
    Nguyen Dang, Ozgur Akgun, Joan Espasa, Ian Miguel and Peter Nightingale
  • Constraint Acquisition Based on Solution Counting
    Christopher Coulombe and Claude-Guy Quimper
  • On Redundancy in Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    Clément Carbonnel
  • On the Enumeration of Frequent High Utility Itemsets: A symbolic AI Approach
    Amel Hidouri, Said Jabbour and Badran Raddaoui
  • Complexity of Minimum-Size Arc-Inconsistency Explanations
    Christian Bessiere, Clément Carbonnel, Martin Cooper and Emmanuel Hebrard
  • Scheduling the Equipment Maintenance of an Electric Power Transmission Network using Constraint Programming
    Louis Popovic, Alain Côté, Mohamed Gaha, Franklin Nguewouo and Quentin Cappart
  • Learning Constraint Programming Models from Data using Generate-and-Aggregate
    Mohit Kumar, Samuel Kolb and Tias Guns
  • Weisfeiler-Leman Invariant Promise Valued CSPs
    Libor Barto and Silvia Butti
  • Fixed-Template Promise Model Checking Problems
    Kristina Asimi, Libor Barto and Silvia Butti
  • Large Neighbourhood Search for Robust Solutions
    Jheisson Lopez, Alejandro Arbelaez and Laura Climent
  • Parallel Hybrid Best-First Search
    Abdelkader Beldjilali, David Allouche, Pierre Montalbano, George Katsirelos and Simon de Givry
  • Improved Learning Bounds for Branch-and-Cut
    Maria-Florina Balcan, Siddharth Prasad, Tuomas Sandholm and Ellen Vitercik
  • Sequence Variables for Routing Problems
    Augustin Delecluse, Pierre Schaus and Pascal Van Hentenryck
  • Trajectory Optimization for Safe Navigation in Maritime Traffic Using Historical Data
    Chaithanya Basrur, Arambam James Singh, Arunesh Sinha, Akshat Kumar and T. K. Satish Kumar
  • Structured Set Variable Domains in Bayesian Network Structure Learning
    Fulya Trösser, Simon de Givry and George Katsirelos